The Moving Stories
1. 60 minutes: Remote Area Medical (CBS News Video) | "Texas and Ohio have nearly 7 million uninsured residents"
2. Bill Moyers Journal - Wendy Porter - PBS (YouTube) | "Healthcare expedition in virginia...there was bo privacy"
3. The Real Death Panel - The courage campaign (YouTube) | "What he is trying to say is: you are dead!"
4. My Letter to president Barack Obama | "I am uninsurable" http://davidgs.posterous.com/text-only-my-letter-to-president-barack-obama
5. The Real Death Panel | "As a physician, I deny a man the necessary operation that would have saved his life"
6. Dying for affordable healthcare: The uninsured speak (Guardian) | "He fell instantly into a catch 22 that he had earlier seen entrap many of his own patients" Link
7. National Healthcare: A Personal story | "Why did he die?" http://wellspringthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/07/national-health-care-personal-story.html
8. My very personal letter to Obama | "My insurance company routinely denied coverage for medications prescribed by my neurologist." Link
9. Commonsense with Jim Alger | "Think it possible you may be mistaken"
10. GOP Clueless as families struggle with healthcare | "Their dilemma is simple. No one lives, works or raises a family in the Republican propaganda bubble." Link